IT Professional Services

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  • Unrivaled resources and healthcare expertise to meet your IT business needs

    TriZetto IT Professional Services provides health plans with consulting expertise to help answer critical performance questions, measure performance and recommend changes that will help enhance performance and increase productivity, streamline operations, and increase return on investment. TriZetto IT Professional Services includes proprietary tools, business practices and training in a reliable three-step methodology – Define, Assess and Improve -- to drive optimal business performance and support achievement of strategic goals.

    Together, TriZetto and Cognizant are your premier software and solutions partner, offering a combined strength that delivers comprehensive and cost-effective IT services solutions. Together we have unrivaled technological resources and deep healthcare industry expertise to meet all your IT, business consulting and systems integration needs.

    Implementation and Release Management Services

    TriZetto and Cognizant offer the proficiency to deliver comprehensive implementation and release management solutions, enabling clients to work with one service provider instead of coordinating efforts from many vendors. We pair product consulting and configuration professionals with deep knowledge of other healthcare systems, systems integration and testing to deliver a broad range of services ensuring smooth implementations and upgrades. TriZetto can help improve efficiency and consistency, reduce overall internal and external project costs, increase speed to market and improve the overall experience. Services include:

    • Implementation Services
    • TriZetto Communication System Implementation Services
    • Exchange Implementation Services
    • Application Release Services

    Comprehensive and cost-effective IT Professional Services

    Flexible, efficient, and innovative IT systems are critical to supporting health plans’ drive toward increased operational efficiency and reduced administrative cost as they launch new lines of business, embrace new business models, or introduce next-generation consumer-centric products and services. You can rely on our unique knowledge of TriZetto platforms and projected functionality and our experience supporting client business performance goals to help you achieve your objectives with the following offers:

    • Testing Center of Excellence Services
    • Facets and QNXT Optimization Services
    • Application Value Management Services
    • Core Platform Consolidation Services
    • Government Healthcare Integration Solution
    • TriZetto Training Curriculum License
    • TriZetto Solution Certification Program
    • TriZetto Compliance Consulting Services: CAQH CORE and HIPAA Credential
    • Trading Partner Testing Program
    • Systems Integration Services
    • TriZetto Data Migration Services
    • TriZetto Configuration Services
    • Cognizant Center of Excellence for Microsoft Solutions