Test Data Generator For Facets™

  • bannerKeeping Protected Health Information Safe

    TriZetto Test Data Generator for Facets helps address the issue of exposing protected health information (PHI) when creating non-production data sets for use in testing with the TriZetto Facets™ core claims administration system. This data copy tool allows for a subset selection of transaction data and masks key personal identifiable data. It permits a user to request a specific number of members from a production database, and acquire all the relevant groups, providers, and claims from the source database. The tool strips the data of personal identifying information and creates key word files with all new identity information. The result is size-controlled data sets of randomized non-production data.

    Using Test Data Generator for Facets, health plans can:

    • Reduce the risk of exposing PHI that occurs when production data is simply copied into non-production data bases for testing
    • Allow for creation of multiple specialized test databases and control their size and composition
    • Reduce non-targeted environment copies
    • Reduce demands on specialty IT resources
    • Improve security