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    MCG, an integrated partner product, is a series of annually updated, evidence-based clinical guidelines that support the care management of nearly two-thirds of US health plan membership. Access to the Care Guidelines is provided through the integration of TriZetto’s Clinical CareAdvance® care management application with MCG’s CareWebQI® interactive software, which enables consistent point-and-click care management; easy access to current best evidence; and documentation of variances from best practice. The result is reporting based on real-time data, supporting the elimination of gaps in care, resource delays and other variances.

    Unlike other clinical criteria alternatives, CareWebQI software provides diagnosis-specific evidence summaries, citations and quality measures. This evidence is integrated within all criteria and content – including detailed care pathways – to support proactive care and the capture of variances from evidence-based best practice.

    Health and Wellness Content

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    Healthwise products, integrated with CareAdvance, offer a total-population health management solution for your enterprise. This solution improves health outcomes and reduces cost of care by engaging clinicians and members with shared decision- making tools and behavior change programs through Personal CareAdvance, health coaching and symptom triage for Clinical Care Advance, and online health content with the Treatment Cost Navigator. Healthwise is a nonprofit organization that develops health information and tools for health care organizations so people can make better health decisions.